Boston 25 Weather

Temperatures Begin To Rise


It’ll be another cold start Thursday, but southerly winds will push us back to near normal in the afternoon with highs in the 40s. Grab the sunglasses for a nice, bright day ahead.

The mild air keeps coming Friday as highs reach the low-mid 50s. Although sun will kick things off in the morning, clouds will increase through the day with rain arriving late. Light, scattered showers will fall in southern New England late afternoon and evening, winding down long before sunrise Saturday.


The pattern will turn unsettled this weekend. Saturday will feature mostly cloudy and mostly dry weather across the region. There may be an isolated spot sprinkle - no biggie. Then the risk for rain goes up Saturday night through Monday. That’s a wide timeframe to watch, and it’s because our weather models have different solutions to the wet weather scenario. Keep in mind, it will not rain that whole time. As of now, I’d plan for some showers during the day Sunday, steadier rain overnight into Monday morning, then scattered rain tapering off sometime Monday.

Be sure to stay with this as we nail down the timeline we’re working with. We’re favoring plain rain locally, but high elevations and northern New England will see some snow.