Local Steals and Deals: Must-haves to be your best with Wrinkles Schminkles, Opal Cool & Supersmile

Local Steals and Deals: Opal, Supersmile, Wrinkles Schminkles
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With a new season comes new self-care practices. Taking time for yourself is an important part of dealing with the stress of everyday life. Whether it’s time to enhance your beauty regimen or to relax, we’ve got something for you. Here are 3 tips on how to boost your routine so that you can start feeling good now:

Wrinkles Schminkles Discovery Set

Deal: $53.00

Retail: $71.00

(While supplies last)


Start your journey to smoother, wrinkle-free skin with Wrinkles Schminkles Discovery Set! It’s the perfect combination of products to plump, smooth, and exfoliate skin for a fresh-looking face. Grab this must-have set that includes everything you need to smooth out lines on your forehead, eyes, mouth, and lips.

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Opal Cool - Cool Products for Hot Women

Deal: $16.00-$89.00

Retail: $24.00-$139.00

(While supplies last)

33%-46% Off

We get it, you’re hot! Opal Cool clinically tested cool therapy products are designed to treat women at every stage of life. These wearable therapies feature a specially formulated plant-based material that cools to a therapeutic temperature. They’re clinically tested for hot flashes, MS, and heat stress. From motherhood through menopause, you’ll get relief with Opal Cool. Made for women by women–in America.

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Supersmile–Professional At-Home Whitening System

Deal: $28.00-$70.00

Retail: $35.00-$88.00

(While supplies last)

Special Offer

Oral care is key to your overall health. You can improve your health every time you brush and get whiter teeth with Supersmile. It’s the whitening toothpaste that lifts stains without sensitivity or abrasion using clean formulas and mindful ingredients. Choose the set that’s right for you and smile bright!

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