Penalty box official at NHL playoff game in Boston injured by falling glass pane

BOSTON — An NHL official stationed in a penalty box during Friday night’s playoff game between the Boston Bruins and Carolina Hurricanes was injured when a pane of glass fell on him.

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The Bruins had just taken a 3-1 lead on David Pastrnak’s power-play goal with 5:37 left in the second period when the attendant, who was not identified, was hit in the head and shoulders by the glass.

The cheering crowd at TD Garden seemed oblivious to the off-ice official’s injury, as they were celebrating the goal and banging on the glass, according to Sportsnet announcers broadcasting the game.

The game was delayed for approximately five minutes while trainers and medical personnel from both teams tended to the official, ESPN reported. He was fitted with a neck brace and taken away on a stretcher, according to a video posted by Sportsnet.

“We obviously want him to be well,” Pastrnak told TNT during an interview in the intermission between the second and third periods. “These things are always scary for everybody. Hopefully, he’s going to be fine and healthy.”

The official was taken to an area hospital for precautionary reasons and is conscious, The Athletic reported.

Boston and Carolina players checked on the man’s condition combined for a chorus of stick taps and the stretcher was wheeled off the ice, ESPN reported.

“Our thoughts are with the NHL off-ice official who was injured,” the Bruins tweeted. “We are sending him our best wishes.”


Security escorted a fan from the area.

The NHL has periodically reminded fans throughout the years that banging on the glass is dangerous, and can do harm to others. The panes along the boards are designed to be removed, and to flex from contact from hits.

In the Bruins’ 2012 playoff series against the Capitals, a Game 1 celebration saw fans dislodge a pane of glass, which fell on former Bruins center David Krejci. He was not injured.