MBTA buses caught on dash cam running red lights

BOSTON — The MBTA is looking into a video that apparently shows two buses running through a red light.




The dash cam video was posted last week on YouTube. It was captured on Friday in the area of the Museum of Science by a poster who only wanted to be identified as Erik.

Erik told FOX25 that the first bus in the video became stuck under the yellow light. "I felt bad for him...he kind of had to move afterwards," Erik said.

However, Erik said the second bus then followed the first and cut across four lanes of traffic.

"You probably saw [the second bus driver] missed a pedestrian by four to five feet," Erik said. "So if he had started walking earlier, he wouldn't have had any visibility past could've ended badly."

After seeing what happened, Erik notified the MBTA about the incident through a customer complaint form on the website. After not hearing back, Erik posted the video to Reddit, where it took off. The MBTA said they were only made aware of the video on Tuesday.

Since the post, both drivers have been identified. The MBTA said the buses hadn't been traveling their regular routes at the time. Instead, they had been shuttling passengers between Kendall and Park Street stations while Red Line service was suspended.

The MBTA gave FOX25 a statement, saying: "Safe driving is of paramount importance, and the MBTA will take whatever steps are necessary, including disciplinary action, to ensure that its bus operators comply with rules and the law."