Volunteers clean up Boston’s Ringer Playground in honor of foundation’s Clean Day

BOSTON — The International WeLoveU Foundation partnered with Boston’s Parks and Recreation Department to clean Ringer Playground on Sunday.

The cleanup was held in honor of the foundation’s Clean Day – a special day that encourages volunteers worldwide to hold cleanups in their region.

Volunteers collected 15 bags of trash and 90 bags of recyclables at the playground.

“It’s such a great feeling knowing multiple cleanups are happening simultaneously to help our environment,” Duane Ford, executive director of WeLoveU, said in a statement. “Typically, our volunteers along the East Coast try to organize cleanups regularly; however, Clean Day is unique because it’s one day out of the year when volunteers around the globe are encouraged to clean their neighborhoods at the same time.”

Outside the United States, cleanups were held in Namibia, South Africa, Netherlands, Nepal, New Zealand, Germany, Malawi, Malaysia, Mongolia, Benin, Angola, Uganda, India, Japan, Chile, Cameroon, Cambodia, Kenya, Thailand, Togo, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines and Australia.

The cleanup is part of the organization’s Clean WORLD Movement, an initiative held since 2009 to clean up polluted cities, parks, mountains, rivers and seas. The program has reached 59 countries, with more than 1,600 cleanups and more than 267,000 volunteers.

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