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Elderly woman robbed of necklace in Revere following theft ring warning

REVERE, Mass. — Authorities on the North Shore are asking elderly residents to remain vigilant after reports of scammers stealing jewelry from unsuspecting victims.

Revere Police say these thieves approach the victim in the street or in supermarket parking lots and often attempt to get the victim to come near their car.

Once the victim approaches, the scammers will say it’s their birthday and they want to gift the victim a piece of jewelry.

The scammers will then attempt to place a necklace or ring on the victim and, when doing so, will remove the victim’s real jewelry and replace it with counterfeit.

Such was the case on November 8 in the Northgate shopping area, according to police. An elderly Revere woman was approached by two unknown individuals in a car.

Video captures the moment a female passenger engages the victim.

You can see the woman in the car removing the victim’s own necklace while replacing it with a piece of costume jewelry.

“I’m saddened that older people can’t just go shopping. We’re afraid of everything,” said 73-year-old Henrietta Gerald. “They’re gonna steal money out of your bank by using your card. They’re gonna rip your necklace off. What’s next?”

Revere Police said a common trend with these shameless criminals is that they work in teams.

It’s the first case of this tricky theft we’re learning about in Suffolk County.

Earlier this week, police throughout the Merrimack Valley issued a warning about similar scams taking place in their communities.

In Tyngsboro, a 77-year-old woman had her gold necklace snatched during an afternoon walk.

“Very, very scary. I think we’re too lenient with laws,” said 79-year-old Joyce DiNuccio. “I want them to stop doing this!”

It’s still unclear how many victims have lost their jewelry to these crimes in Massachusetts in recent weeks.

No arrests have been made so far in connection with any of the cases.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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