Sixteen years after Miguel Oliveras disappeared, his mother is still searching.

Myrna Gonzalez is living a nightmare.

Her 24 year old son, Miguel Oliveras, disappeared on September 2, 2006,

She has no idea what happened to him.

“It’s been really hard. The past 16 years. But this past year has been horrible,” Myrna said. “I’m still searching and seeking and doing what I can, non stop.”

Miguel Oliveras vanished during a brief trip to Portland, Maine.

Days before, Miguel’s on again-off again girlfriend unexpectedly invited him to the city to watch her dance at the Platinum Plus Gentleman’s Club.

She even paid his bus fare from Boston.

But at the club, the girlfriend had Miguel thrown out because he allegedly caused a disturbance while she performed.

Surveillance video from Platinum Plus showed Miguel walking out of the club.

In 2007, only months after Miguel vanished, Boston 25′s Bob Ward traveled to Portland for a New England’s Unsolved report on the case. Police scrutinized the surveillance video, trying to identify the man who walked out of the club with Miguel.

After Miguel walked off camera, he was never seen again.

Sixteen years later, Portland Police investigators are renewing efforts to find Miguel.

Back in Boston, Myrna believes Miguel was a victim of foul play.

“Do you believe Miguel is still alive?” Ward asked Myrna

“No. I think something happened to him,” she answered. “I break down, believe me. I break down a lot. I really do, I just have to keep my composure. It’s not easy at all. It’s heart breaking, It’s overwhelming. I have a lot of anger. I try to control it. It’s hard.”

If you have any information on what happened to Miguel Oliveras, contact Portland, Maine Police at: 207-874-8584

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