Major transformer in Lexington explodes, creating massive fireball

LEXINGTON, Mass. — Emerson Graf says she and her mother heard a strange noise seconds before a huge explosion on Monday.

“It was just insane. It was so loud,” said Emerson Graf, of Lexington.

They watched as a transformer exploded, creating a huge fireball in the area of Main Street.

“We started to hear like scratching and little clicking noises, and we just looked over, and there was this giant explosion,” said Graf.

Lexington’s fire chief says it was a step down transformer that blew up. He says heat from the fire on this scorching day made it tough to fight.

“One of the 13,000 to 14,000-volt transformers exploded and obviously with the heat, it made for a tough fight,” said Chief Derek Sencabaugh, of the Lexington Fire Department.

And the chief says that’s exactly why they called in re-enforcements.

“We went to three alarms pretty quickly. That was mostly as a result of the heat, trying to get crews refreshed and everything like that,” said Chief Sencabaugh.

Eversource says the explosion took place just before 6 p.m. and added:

“We are now assessing the damage and will remain on scene to make necessary repairs. There were no power outages associated with the fire,” said Chris McKinnon, an Eversource spokesperson.

For people who live and work here, the explosion and fire were frightening to see and feel.

“I mean I was shaking…I’m still shaking, it was terrifying. It was so scary. I’ve never seen something like that in Lexington,” said Graf.

Fire investigators and Eversource remained on the scene late into the night trying to determine the cause of the explosion.

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