Mac Jones partners with local athletic wear brand

BOSTON — If you’ve driven into Boston lately, you may have noticed a familiar face along the Expressway. A local company partnered with Patriots Quarterback Mac Jones to share their vision.

Perched along the Expressway in Boston, a grueling face relays a message. A new ad featuring Patriots Quarterback Mac Jones putting in the work is the mentality behind NOBULL—a Massachusetts-based athletic brand. The owners came up with the business idea at a Dedham coffee shop.

“We got together on a monthly basis just to have breakfast and talk about what it would be like to start our own thing and realized if we didn’t at least try it, we would regret it,” said Marcus Wilson, the co-founder and co-CEO of NOBULL.

Marcus Wilson and Michael Schaeffer both worked at Reebok, but say they were tired of “big brand gimmicks”. Chief marketing officer Todd Meleney believed in their concept.

“The idea that traditional athletic brands create products that make you a better athlete whether you’ll run faster, jump higher or be stronger and we felt like that was BS,” said Meleney. And that’s where no bull came from.

“It’s about stripping away the unnecessary,” said Wilson.

“If you want to get fit you have to start moving, a product is not going to do that for you, even our product,” said Schaeffer.

Celebrating hard work and no excuses, the team of crossfitters launched NOBULL in 2015.

“While we were the newcomer to the market, there weren’t many footwear brands in that space,” said Wilson.

The company now has more than 200 employees and is the title sponsor for Crossfit, the official training wear for the PGA Tour and has partnered with the NFL Combine.

NOBULL’s first billboard features the company’s biggest household name---Mac ones. It sits right next to the company’s future headquarters along Morrisey Boulevard in Boston. So how did they sign on #10? The company’s founders say Jones reached out to them.

“Th momentum and excitement around mac jones really became the excitement around NOBULL,” said Meleney.

“All of the athletes that we work with, most of them I think were NOBULL customers before we started talking to them or their agents,” said Schaeffer.

Even though the company has grown by partnering with athletes like Mac, the founders still credit their success to their community of followers on social media who promote hard work.

“It’s really about how you approach training, how you approach going through your daily life, taking no shortcuts,” said Schaeffer.

It’s a mentality that resonates with people who wear no bull—including Mac—who recites the brand’s motto ‘training is everything’ at the end of a NOBULL promotional video.

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