Lynn Firefighters thankful for rain while battling brush fire for days

Multiple towns are battling brush fires as the drought wears on. Monday’s rain was something fire officials have been counting on for weeks.

Brush fires have been burning for days near Lisa Schott’s home right outside the Lynn Woods Reservation. “All the air was cloudy and the whole atmosphere was just pervasive with smoke smell,” said Schott.

From up inside a 65-foot-tall tower overlooking the reservation - Lynn Fire Chief Stephen Archer shows us the 4 or 5 areas burning a total of 85 acres. These are some of the photos captured by Lynn firefighters up close. Chief Archer says some of the fire is burning below the ground in very dry subsurface areas. “The fire can really progress and smolder under there and it takes a tremendous amount of water to control that kind of burning,” said Archer.

The chief says Monday’s rain was a hallelujah moment. “We have absolutely been praying for this rain,” said Archer, “we are really, really looking for some good torrential downpours to get down into that subsurface stuff and squelch that”

The cause of the fires are still unknown. “Because we are looking at multiple un-connected areas of burn, so that kind of raises are eyebrows so that is why we are looking at as suspicious,” said Archer.

Residents like, Lisa Schott, just hope this rain clears the air. “I do get a tickle in my throat. I was thinking of people who have respiratory issues and stuff that could be problematic to them,” said Schott.

The fire chief recommends keeping our windows closed if you live near any of the brush fires burning in the state. As for this being enough rain – the chief says not even close. They will still be watching these fires very closely.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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