Local bride-to-be heading to Florida for wedding despite rapidly approaching hurricane

BOSTON — Hurricane Ian is quickly gaining strength and aiming right for the Gulf Coast of Florida. That has prompted St. Pete International Airport to close at 1 pm and Tampa International Airport to close at 5 pm. This will allow the airports to secure planes and the ground equipment.

As the hurricane moves closer, it looks like more people are rushing to get to where they need to be and that has created a bit of a log jam. By 9:30 Monday night, according to www.flightaware.com, Tampa International saw more than 60 flights delayed.

At Logan Airport, Boston 25 News talked with a bride-to-be. She has had her wedding planned for a year and a half and she is supposed to get married in Clearwater on Saturday. Even though her venue is now closed until Friday morning, she is remaining hopeful she can tie the knot with her future husband—somehow.

“We’re flying into Tampa and then going to Orlando hopefully until Friday or Saturday and hopefully the venue will open and hopefully we’ll be able to get married,” said Brianna Rogers of Nashua, NH. But even if we can’t go there, we’re going to do something somewhere and get married on Saturday.”

A first responder who lives just north of Orlando and also works for FDOT is flying back from a trip out west and is headed back home where he will go straight to work.

“Just to be sure everybody stays safe and as a first responders duty is to be sure the major roads are open, everybody stays safe, the bridges are clear to pass over and stuff so want to get back down and do my part,” said Jeff Cicerello, of FDOT.

Tampa’s airport is reminding people it is not a shelter nor does it have the resources to shelter people. If you are traveling, it’s best to check your flight status online before heading to the airport.

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