Flights from Boston to Florida dwindling as Hurricane Ian bears down

BOSTON — About 1,200 flights that were scheduled to fly to Florida on Tuesday and Wednesday have been canceled as Hurricane Ian bears down on the Sunshine state’s west coast, according to Flightaware.com.

Orlando International Airport is closing at 10:30 a.m. Wednesday. Officials there have activated the airport’s emergency operations center which will stay in direct contact with aviation leaders and the National Weather Service to continue to monitor the hurricane’s path.

Meantime, Fort Lauderdale’s airport remains open and Boston 25 spoke with a traveler who is headed there this morning to visit her friend.

“We’ll wait and see,” said Annmarie Piagioni, of Medford. “Right now the flight is still on so I’ll know more when we say yes we’re going or no. But every day you take a chance, so nothing I can do about, I think it’s going to be ok.”

On Tuesday, Boston 25 News talked with a bride-to-be from New Hampshire. She has had her wedding planned for a year and a half and she is supposed to get married in Clearwater on Saturday. Even though her venue is now closed until Friday morning, she is remaining hopeful she can tie the knot with her future husband—somehow.

A first responder who lives just north of Orlando and also works for FDOT was flying back from a trip out west and is headed back home where he will go straight to work.

Tampa’s airport is reminding people it is not a shelter nor does it have the resources to shelter people. If you are traveling, it’s best to check your flight status online before heading to the airport.

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