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Danvers tightens water restrictions as drought worsens

DANVERS, Mass. — Outdoor water restrictions are getting tighter in some communities as drought conditions continue. Danvers announced effective immediately, no outdoor water of any kind is allowed.

Different shades of brown are blooming in every yard this summer. Noel Kilroy describes his yard. “It’s like a desert, it’s just all burned up, ant holes. It’s horrible,” he said.

In Danvers, the town just moved outdoor water restrictions to level 6.  This means no outdoor water use is allowed at any time. No sprinklers, hoses or even watering cans.  The town manager says the restriction will stay in place until the town gets out of extreme drought conditions. 

Gary Spiess agrees restrictions are needed.  “I think someone has to reign in the use of water, frankly,” said Spiess.

Danvers officials say if someone is blatantly violating the restriction they will get a warning and then if still ignored – the town can fine up to 300 dollars per violation. “We got to cut back and at very least you have clear and concrete rules about water usage,” said Spiess. “I understand there hasn’t been a lot of water and stuff so I get why, but I mean you should be able to water your flowers. I get the grass but the flowers I think you should be allowed to do that,” said Kilroy.

Some people are already trying to restrict their water usage and hoping everyone does their part. “If 50 percent do it would be a blessing, you gotta take what you can get,” said Spiess.

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