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Colby Farm sunflowers blooming early

NEWBURY, Mass. — Sunflower season at Colby Farm is opening a little earlier this year. The owners say their 19th season is about a week or two early because of the drought. But selfie seekers don’t have anything to worry about. This year’s blooms look better than ever.

At Colby Farm in Newbury, you can always tell when the sunflowers are blooming when you see non-stop selfie sightings. Several families were enjoying opening day. “It’s a nice welcomed reprieve from the drought to see all the beautiful blooms,” a mother said. “It’s pretty miraculous. I’ve never seen so many sunflowers in one spot in my life. It’s very beautiful,” a father said.

It’s picture day for Sully the puppy who just turned 11 weeks. Josh Johnston and his finance are celebrating with some sunflower pics. “He has a bow tie on and he has a bandana and we have been changing him. He probably doesn’t like it but it makes for good pictures,” said Johnston. They say the trick is motivation. “We have a whole fanny pack loaded up with snacks. A plot of snacks,” the Johnston’s said.

Colby Farm owner Liz Knight says the sunflowers have become more popular than ever in recent years because of social media. “Getting on Snapchat, doing their Tik Tok’s, doing their Facebook posts,” said Knight. This year, the weather has them blooming earlier. “This year, with the heat and dryness, they are a little bit early so we probably won’t have them Labor Day weekend,” said Knight. “When it is in full bloom in a whole field of yellow, it’s just like nothing you have ever seen before.. just pure beauty”.

Colby Farm is expecting a high turn out this weekend. They charge $10 for parking.

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