Dog stuck under brake pedal rescued by fire department at Cape Cod beach

WEST BARNSTABLE, Mass. — A dog who became stuck under a brake pedal in her owners’ SUV was rescued by the fire department last week.

Morticia, a silly 2-year-old dog known lovingly as “Mo,” joined her parents Lindsay and Chris, as well as their friends, for a beach adventure off-roading and spending the afternoon at Sandy Neck Beach last Monday.

But when the group packed up to leave, Mo hopped into front seat of the SUV and became stuck under the brake pedal.

Her e-collar, which the couple uses occasionally with a controller when walking Mo off-leash, malfunctioned, causing Mo to dart under the pedal.

“I’ve taken her out in the water, and it’s never been an issue. But it just got stuck on vibrate, and she got freaked out and scared,” Lindsay said. “At first, she was panting and stressed, but put the AC in the car on and she calmed down, and she was just kind of hanging out like, ‘Anyone going to help me?’”

Lindsay held Mo’s hind legs, while Chris held her head. With their friends, they tried to pull and coax her out for about 20 minutes, as the pup only became more stuck.

Finally, they called the beach gate house, who then called West Barnstable Fire Department.

“We said, ‘Hey, we just need some tools. We looked it up. We know how to take the brake pedal [off] or at least loosen it, so we can move it up and slide her out,’” Lindsay said.

Chris and a firefighter were able to pull Mo out together without removing the pedal. Mo was not hurt and didn’t seem bothered by the event.

“We decided it was going to be a story after we all calmed down and got over the initial shock of it, that we would laugh about it. So, we’re still laughing,” Lindsay said. “I think she likes the attention, though.”

Mo is the youngest rescue of the couple’s dogs; they also have two huskies who keep them on their toes.

“It’s like The Three Stooges, really, in my house. It’s non-stop shenanigans,” Lindsay said. “Mo is the instigator in the house.”

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