Boston Police warn college students about bar, rideshare safety concerns

Boston Police sent a letter to colleges and universities in the city Monday warning students about two safety issues.

One issue is they’ve been getting reports of drinks getting spiked at bars, and the other concern is over safely using rideshare apps.

Police want to remind students about these risks as they head back to class for the semester.

While using Uber or Lyft, police say you should always confirm the license plate, car model and driver to make sure you’re hopping in the right ride.

Riders can keep safety apps open like ‘sharing your location’ with friends.

“I always check the license plate and if I’m riding Uber alone especially at night I have the safety app open just in case something happens,” said Grace Andrecyk.

As for drinking at bars, police say any victims who believe they were drugged at a bar should report this to police.

“Basically all the bars I usually go to now I’ve heard about it happening, so it’s always in the back of my mind,” said Delaney Sprague, a student at Northeastern University.

Sprague says she knows of mutual friends who have been victims of roofies recently, so she and her friends have been vigilant whenever they go out.

“Just making sure we eyeball our drinks and honestly I take them with me in the bathroom now too,” said Sprague.

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