Beach business is booming thanks to the heat

HULL, Mass. — As the state works towards another heat wave, the hot weather has been giving some businesses a huge boost especially in beach towns. 

Small businesses in Hull say the beach activity has turned into more customers. Liam Casey is a pizza manager for a business on Nantasket Ave. “Weather has been awesome. We have had these multiple heat waves the whole summer has been busy,” said Casey. 

Michael Wilkinson helps run an arcade across from the beach. “I’ve been here for like 3 years now, this is like the most busiest we’ve seen in a while,” said Wilkinson.

Businesses say this weather is the boost they needed after the hit they took from the pandemic. “Compared to other years this has definitely been a stand out,” said Casey. “It wasn’t as busy, mini-golf was slower, everything else but this year people seem to be coming back, COVID is going away,” said Wilkinson.

Some parents telling us because the humidity is so high they have been trying to find indoor activities. “Instead of being over at the beach we thought we’d try to go indoors, out of the sun. And they wanted to come to the arcade,” said one parent. “Staying out of the sun all day has been the way to go,” a mother said. But every parent knows — on a hot day ice cream is also an effective remedy for a hot day.

One potential challenge for these businesses as we get towards the end of August is staffing. Of course, many employees will be heading back to college.  So they say they are planning now to deal with that.

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