2022 Mass. State Primaries makes history after 13 Latinx and Hispanic candidates elected

September’s primary was historic for people of color in Massachusetts with a record 13 candidates Latinx and Hispanic candidates winning in races across the commonwealth.

“Getting elected is not easy. Especially in communities where Latinos are the minority,“ said state representative Frank Moran of Lawrence, Andover and Methuen.

The democratic incumbent is part of an unprecedented election cycle in Massachusetts. He’s among a history-making 13-latinx candidates on the ballot for November.

”About 2 years ago I was the chair of the Black and Latino Caucus, and today, I’m the highest ranking person of color in that building,” says Rep. Moran.

Amplify Latinx co-founder and Board Chair Enedia Roman tells Boston 25 September’s primary was a huge step toward representation in state leadership.

”It makes sense that a functioning democracy, a democracy that includes the voice of all the people, has representation of all the people.“

Latinx residents make up 12-percent of the Massachusetts population.

Nationwide, Latinx people have become one of the largest and most important voting blocs in the country and Roman tells me civic engagement in local communities is equally important.

“In Boston we have 20% of the population that is Latino and then, in the schools over 40% of the children are Latino as well,” says Roman. ”Civic engagement is so important in making sure that we tap into this potential in the community, not only in Boston, but also in other gateway communities.“

Roman says that engagement goes both ways. Having allies in other communities work toward equity beyond politics is important as well.

“Making sure that the stereotypes are dismantled because unfortunately the latino community has been plagued by very negative stereotypes so having stories like this, having the media pay attention and highlight the positives and not just the negatives, it’s really powerful.“

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